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Are you ready for your trip?

Reality sometimes has a way of working itself into even the best-planned vacations. And, that’s why Vision FarlieTravel will recommend Travel Insurance protection for your trip. The right coverage will protect your family, yourself and your financial security. It will also ensure that caring professional help is ready, when you need it in an emergency.

If you think you’re ready for your trip and you’re not sure you need travel insurance, ask yourself these critical questions:

  • Could you lose any money if you had to cancel your trip?
  • Could you get your money back if you had to interrupt your trip?
  • If you had to stay longer than you’re supposed to, would your extra hotel and meal expenses be reimbursed?
  • Could you manage at your destination without some of the content of your luggage for more than half a day, if it was late?
  • If you became ill or injured, would your emergency medical expenses be covered?

Why is emergency medical coverage essential?

Simply put, to protect yourself, your family and your personal finances. Medical-related costs that travellers have had to face can be extremely high so why put yourself and your family at risk?

Why purchase Cancellation & Interruption Insurance?

Because the unexpected can happen. From a jury duty call to the death of a friend, this coverage protects you against over 40 specified risks that could stop you from travelling as planned. The right coverage will ensure you get back the covered travel costs that would otherwise not be refundable to you. And, if you have to return home early or stay longer because of a covered emergency, your extra expenses will also be covered as per your policy.

How would you get help in an emergency?

Call the Insurance Company toll-free or collect from wherever you are in the world (numbers found on your Insurance paperwork). You can count on professional caring staff at any time, day or night. In an emergency, when, for example, you do not speak the language or need a quick reference to a medical facility, their health professionals and assistance coordinators are ready to get you the help you need. They’ll also arrange for payment of your covered medical expenses, get you on an air ambulance home, if it’s medically required, transmit your messages to your family and employer, and, once all documents are received, have your claim settled in a timely matter.


To find out more about the travel insurance options we offer, speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants who take the success of your trip to heart!

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